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Trail Tech Vapor programming problem

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I just got a Vapor for my DRZ and wired in all the sensors, power etc. but I can't get into the programming menu. 


The manual say to get into the programming menu you hold all three buttons down, and after 3 seconds it will flash all the digits on the screen and you can program tire size and stuff. 


Here is a youtube video where someone enters the programming mode, and I am doing the same thing. but mine does not flash or anything, the screen just stays as if it were running. 




But it does not work. 


-I verified all three buttons actually do something EDIT: ACTUALLY THEY DONT ALL WORK!

-I tried a hard reset (Button on back)

-I tried a trip reset (hold left two buttons)

-I tried disconnecting the 12v power



Is it broken?

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Well, I failed to notice that the left button does not work… 


I assumed it worked since I could do what I thought was a trip reset, but it's the exact same screen if you press and hold the menu button for 3 seconds.


SO, I tried to process a return through Amazon and I could not because it's "hazardous material" (because of the magnets I assume)


AND since it's the weekend, "the special department that handles returns of that nature" is closed… they offered to call me back on monday, but I will be on vacation and without use of my phone all week… Oh, an no e-mail either. 


I can't win.


I really hope I don't have to un-install all the wires to return it. I want to do an exchange and just swap the face. We will see. 

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