GPR V2.0

The check is in the mail. :)

They have the GPR V2 for the BRP. Look at the pics, it sits under the handlebars. And they have a great pad as part of the kit. Sweeeeet.

Not cheap, but it comes in Red, so what's not to like. :D

I will be buying my own handlebars, because all they offer are Black Renthal fatbars. Yuk.

Who let the dogs out :D :D :D

Do they offer the 2.0 with a forward mounting post? Just curious.

Gave them a call about a week ago about a foreward mounting post, and the person I got ahold of said they don't offer it (and it sounded like they didn't have plans to in the near future, either). However, there may be hope, as in a few of the pictures on GPR's site, the GPR 2.0 designed for a quad had a foreward mount. :)

Wait a minute cause they definitely offered a forward mount on the older product and I'd be shocked if they didn't offer it for the newer V2 :D

In fact, I'm almost certain that GPR offers the new V2 in forward mount only for the XR650R. Give them a call cause I'm sure they do :)

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