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1987 Yamaha XT350 Stops While Riding

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Just got this bike for super cheap ($500) and it wasn't running very well. I took apart the carb and cleaned it out really good. Cleaned all the jets as well. Oil change and new spark plug. Now it runs quite well though it sputters and pops a little while idle.


The main problem now is that while I can start it and it idles somewhat fine, the last time I was riding it (on the road), the engine just stops and cannot be started right away. It's happened 3 times now. Eventually, I am able to start it again and everything seems ok. After the last time, once I got it started again, I let it idle for 10-15 minutes (I think) and it seemed fine. I even adjusted the air mixture screw (1.5 turns from lightly closed, though I had it at 4 turns out before).


Previously, I was able to ride it almost everywhere for longer periods. The last thing I did to it was take it to a car wash and wash it with a pressure washer. I may have got a little close to the engine with the wand. It was shortly after that that the engine stopped (I was on the highway!).


My question is, what is likely causing this problem (a friend said water might be somewhere it's not supposed to be) and how can I fix it?


I'm not the most experienced with engines and things but I got this bike for fun and learning and I learn fast.


To anybody can help, thanks!


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