good headpipe?

Has anyone used the headpipes you can order from yamaha? if so are they any good? i was looking at the tapred headpipe for $154.00 but don't know what to buy. I have an FMF PowercoreIV squared silencer with the stock pipe. If anyone has any experiance with these or any other pipe that would work well with this silencer let me know.

I use the Powercore IV with the FMF Hi-flo header. It is an AWESOME setup! :)

I just rode with a guy last weekend who had the GYT header and muffler. He said it had a lot more power in the low, more in the mid and about the same but possibly more on top. He claimed for the woods there is nothing better.

Your ridin' bud Kurt

Another thing to say. You said the tapered pipe right? He said he had the straight header because the tapered was for top end power.


thanks for the input, after looking at my type of riding, which is mostly trail, I don't really need all top end so much. So ive decided to go with the fmf hi flow header should work good with my powercoreIV. By the way when i add this pipe what jetting should i go to?

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