Selling Parts ?

How do I sell parts to someone out of state or country?

Do I ship it COD? And who do I use?

How about to Canada and the $ exchange rate.

Thanks for any help.

The easiest method is to have the buyer pay you via Paypal. They are at Saves you having to wait for a cheque to arrive, out of state clearance hassles and the like. Once you have payment,in advance, which is commonplace you can send it whatever conveyance you both agree upon. If you have an Ebay account give him your user name so he can verify your feedback and see that you not some kind of internet schiester. Failing that, provide a telephone contact number where you can be reached if there is a problem.

Note when shipping from the US to Canada, do not use UPS. Your Canadian buyer will be in for a nasty surprise once the UPS guy in his brown duds shows up. UPS has a habit of charging what they like to call "brokerage fees". These fees are for customs paperwork, photocopying etc. ( I have heard this speech a couple times.) The boys in Brown are trained to deliver their pitch after the customer freaks at the exborinant price. It should be called an "extortion tax". "We have your goods if you want em you better pay this amount!"

Say you send something for $50. Once the UPS guy shows up he will want to collect an extra $20 something for their "Brokerage fees." Do us Canadians a favour and don't send UPS! USPS on the other hand does not pull this same scam. I just thought I would mention this pitfall.

If you want a currency exchange calculator that is accurate and up to date, go to and look for the currency converter calculator.

I hope this helps?

fershy :)

Hi F,

I'm not sure of what you want to know, but when I buy somethig from the US, I asked it to be shipped by US parcel post, as UPS or FedEx rips us here with customs fees (new parts).That way I'm only have to pay exact custom fee, not double to the broker. UPS had charge me 35$ of brokerage fee one time.

Last time I've bought something from an out of the border private individual, I've sent him an International US money order after we agreed on the total cost (with shipping). Then he shipped me my parts. The drawback, is if one side is an A**hole the other side can be rip.... but now you can use Paypal or other similar services that can secure thing a bit

I'd never used COD on out of the border business, so I'll not talk about that.

So business between individual will always have part of trust involved, especially when long distance stand between the two part. But I've always been lucky, and done business with good fellows.

Dirt-biking is an honest community I like to think. We're all on it for the love of the sport....except dealers...gosh...I slipped out this bad

Hope this helped.


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