shifted to second, thats all she wrote.

Just rebuilt my 06 450. Intake valves were shot, so replaced those and figured since had it apart that I would throw in a new piston. My first time on a four stroke rebuild. I had the shop do my valve work and I was meticulous about every thing I did. Thought I had it until I shifted to second, and bang just quit. Anybody have any ideas?

Does it kick over or did it seize?

Take it apart and see where you went wrong

Kicks over, pulled valve cover and my intake is off 90 degrees

Check the cam and caps for signs that it seized.  It is not difficult to deform a cam cap by seating them forcibly, torquing them excessively or out of sequence, that sort of thing.  The cam chain was replaced when you did the build, no?

Thanks Gray racer513. Did not replace the cam chain, and my torq and sequence was by th book. Signs that cam has seized???

 Signs that cam has seized???


Yes.  If the bearing surface under the cap is galled/scored badly, your cam may have seized.  But it's also possible that the chain has a tight link or two that caused it to slide and throw your timing off that way.  Either way, it should not be trusted after a timing slip.  Replace it, and the tensioner, too.

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