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05 WR250F CDI prob linked with jetting; William, Sunruh

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OK guys, here's the setup:

Josh posted an interesting question which some people assumed was jetting, and some assumed it was electrical in nature.


Symptom was bike was "stuttering" "sputtuering" at steady throttle.


Josh had cleaned the carb and still had the problem.  So assuming he had done everything correctly, only other thing was electrical.


What made it intriguing was I had the same issue with mine on an outing Saturday.  I'd done all cleaning and rejetting and on a warmup and run it up the street, it was fine, but not under steady throttle as I learned on my last outing.  Then with mine, it would "stutter" when I needed power, like to get the front up and over a mud puddle, would not take throttle.


As a test, I swapped out my coil-on-plug and the CDI.  Problem went away.  So I put original coil-on-plug on, and it ran great.  So the problem was the CDI.


QUESTIONs: for you guys

Is there as way to recover the CDI, or not?  The stock oem part is expensive.

How often have CDI problems been mis-diagnosed as JETTING problems?

How often have you guys seen CDIs be the problem and need replaced?


I had assumed my CDI was good since the bike would crank and it did run.

And I have not seen that many bad CDI units.


What say you????

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a bad cdi is very very difficult to diagnose.

in the manual it is the LAST thing that you check...it basically says check everything else and if all thats good, then its a bad cdi.

how many misdiagnosed?  not that many.


i've seen 1.   my own.  wouldnt rev past 9k or so.  i knew how to fix that -> vortex

yes very spendy, but so is the oem.

nowadays i would prolly go with the MSD, but its a top 3 pick in my book

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