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1984 xl 350 headlight/electrical/stator issues

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im new to this forum and fairly new to working on dirtbikes. i have a 1984 xl 350 i picked up cheap that ive been trying to fix up. the last issue i have is the front headlight. it was missing so i went and bought an after market generic one but when i went to check which wire was ground/highbeam etc it wasnt getting any power. my mechanic brother helped me do a bunch of electrical checks and the stator wasnt creating any current for the headlight. everything else was working but the headlight. we took the stator out and the 2 coils i assume would be the headlight ones were very dark and the coating was cracked at the top.i assume i need a new one or for it to be fixed. is it possible to even re wind this kind of stator? 

and if i was wanting to buy a new/used one what other years/models are compatible? i looked on ebay and couldnt find anything for this bike. i wanna get it running in the next couple weeks so i can get my bike lisence so any info would be muchly appreciated!!!





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