CO riders, Berthoud HS on 1.20.02


I guess I should have put a :) in my adult beverage comment. I'd just finished reading "The Battle of Austraila" in RacerX. Not sure if beer is strong enough after reading that..


Bummer, I just realized I will be in FL over the weekend of 2/3. Let me know how the race goes, maybe they will have another. Thanks for the info Merfman.

dang I wish I was up there...

Hokie, it was good to meet you. Maybe we can get together and ride sometime. I was happy to finish with no falls or stalls and my arm in its socket. Three weeks without riding left me with blistered hands and sore arms and back. Two months off would have toasted me.

Merf, thanks for the info on the CC. How long is it, and how far is a lap? Whats the terrain like? Can you preride it? Is there a website?


Regarding the CC: All the race specific info I have is here:

The flyer says the race is 2 hours. I have no clue about the laps but even IF they use only the MX tracks, I'd guess laps to be in the 4-5 mile range. Wild Rat is across a barbed wire fence from Aztec.

The terrain is typical Eastern CO. Both MX tracks are centered around a dry creek bed. Both tracks are very nice IMHO. Since

this is a first time event, I can't give you much more info...

Unless something foul arises, I'll be there for this one.


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