Gotta do it!

Well, fellas the time has come. I have a 2001 WR426 that I have to sell. Haven't had a job in a while now and it's all there is between me and dead broke.

I have cut the throttle stop, given it yz timing and did the grey wire mod as well as removing the baffel other than that it is pretty much stock. It's got Renthal bars and K&N filter on it and comes with a paddle tire and some small parts i.e. throttle cable extra, oil filter and now for the kicker I'm asking for the most I can get out of it so you tell me what it would bring. The bike resides in Topeka, Ks or e-mail me at

Make sure you post this on the " Bikes for Sale" TT forum. Good luck with it. :)

Good luck on selling it and good luck on your job search. We wish you well. You will find more work, then you can replace it with a new WR450F! :)

I'm sorry you have to sell your bike :)

Best wishes for finding a new job :D

SORRY hear about the problems.Better luck in the future. Like someone else said just think next you can get a WR 450 GOOD LUCK. :):D

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