Wheel Compatibility on WRs of different years

I am trying to buy some used wheels for my 2005 WR450.  Is there a chart somewhere I can use to figure out which years will fit on my 2005?

Same question for me and my 2013. Also I assume some YZ years would work but without speedo.



Basically you want any year WR450 rear wheel, and any year WR450 front - they are all the same

This is what you are looking for


Rear must have '5ET00' cast into the hub - In the UK, 1999 WR400's had the 5ET hub, so a late WR400, WR426 or any year 450 is what you need




Front needs '194'



YZ/YZF rears are 19" dia, and the fronts don't have the drive tangs for the speedo

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That is the kind of information I was looking for.


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