Another hanging throttle 03 450 unique

New to posting but not new to site. I have been on here searching and got solutions for several bikes. Searched over a week for this one but nothing has corrected the problem. It's an 03 but practically new. Brakes pads, air cleaner and tires are original and nearly new, so I know it has not been riden much at all. It sat for nine years and was purchased and rode a few times by previous owner. I got the bike, rode it a few times with absolutely no problems. Cranked it one day and it would not come down to normal idle like it had previously. No changes, no work done and no add ons. I have checked the hot start, cleaned the jets and carb three times, affirmed the fuel screw was close 2 1/2 out, and looked the boot over for imperfections. Guys I need some help

Quick pic of the bike


Throttle cable problems?

Check your valve clearance.  Tight intakes can cause a hanging idle.

Throttle cable seems to be fine. Would a bike with such low hours have valves out of adjuatment?

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