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To the guys who really know what's going on...

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Is it possible for a too rich (fuel to air) to run hot and pre ignite? I have a warmed up, bounce on idle, bwabwabwabwa brrr, bwabwabwabwabrrr..

Rebuilt a full bottom to top, including PV parts, new cylinder, every stuff. And set her to jets first to factory.. She has a RAD valve and fatty shorty. 2002 kx250..I have decent color at the plug. Think she is slight rich as a smidge of spooge shows at the end cap..

32:1 hp2 on 91.. Now I think back in 02' (those were the days) that the pump had 93.. Am I detonating? What gives?

Some one told me, excessive carbon can act like a glow plug..

Sometimes the kill switch doesn't work right away.. I was thinking to check timing as well, pretty sure it is centered. No bogs..

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