Yamaha's 4 stroke Revolution Part II

Well, it looks like Yamaha has done it again. With the introduction of the first performance 4 stroke motorcycle in 1997, the YZ400F, they stunned everyone. Now they're doing it again, only in another market: snowmobiles.

During the last few years, other manufacturers have released a few 4 stroke snowmobile models, which turned out to be slow, heavy, and low powered. However, Yamaha has unveiled it's plan for 2003. Harnessing a 998cc 4 cylinder 5 valves per cylinder Genesis motor (derived from the R1 streetbike) and an awesome new look, the Yamaha RX-1 is claimed to be faster and possess more power and torque than it's competition; 800cc big bore twin two strokes. Although electric start is standard. it's claimed to be relatively lightweight, equal to Yamaha's SRX equipped with electric start.

I know this doesn't have much to do with motorcycles, however, it seems that Yamaha is cutting the path for others, once again. I can't wait until next year!

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