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front/rear brakes dragging on 03 kx 250

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Ok so what is happening is both front and rear brake pads are ever so slightly rubbing the rotor as the wheel spins. I just put in new pads and the wheels/rotors are brand new warp 9's so i doubt the rotors are warped. I cleaned the pistons in the calipers and greased the brake pad pins and the slider pins on the caliper. I've bled the brakes. The seals appear to be fine inside the calipers where the pistons are. I'm kind of baffled because everything i've looked up to do doesn't help. Is this normal for new pads to do this until they wear down a little bit? Also as i spin the wheels by hand the calipers don't shake back and forth so the rubbing is very minimal. Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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