Front, Rear fork issue



I am restoring my 1998 WR400F, and i just got a very good offer from a fellow racer on the Motocross track the other day, he has a fully specced up 2003 WR450, Big brakes, Supermoto brake system, 2 pair of excel supermoto rims factory bits and pieces, but the engine is blown. what use can i make of this bike for interchanging parts with my old 98' WR400 ? will the suspension and fork interchange for the wheels to fit etc etc? please i could use some help before diving into buying this. These bikes are very rare i Denmark and therefore it is a good option for me.


Best regards! // Anders :)

Yes, most will transfer over....but only the motor is an upgrade.

The suspension is the same

Oh.. your a sweetheart are you 100% sure? i know there are lot of forums about this, but you know i am gonna spend quite an amount on this bike, and if the parts from one bike to another arent interchangeable, it is no use for me. will Gas tank and seat fit as well? thinking of getting rid of the large tank? :)


Thanks alot !


// Anders

Sweetheart. Huh. Well, we've checked that box, I guess.

You asked a question, I answered it to the best of my ability


If you want more detail, do the work: search, scan, parts fiche, etc

That would be a big project

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