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BEST oil to use for 2009 DR200SE

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Hey guys,


     I'm brand new here.  I have a 2009 Suzuki DR200SE with about 700 original miles.  It's could be easily mistaken for a brand new model.  It didn't run when I bought it and was bone stock so I was able to pick it up cheaply for a cash price.  I just installed a factory new carb assembly ($331.00) and it fired right up.  Now it runs like a brand new bike.  It must have sat too long and wasn't ran by the previous owner. After the carb install, I added a billet skid plate along with a rear cargo rack and rear cargo compartment.  I also added a handlebar pad and a K&N air filter.  It's a pretty nice setup now.  I went ahead and replaced with sparkplug with a NKG OEM sparkplug which I picked up at a local parts store for under 3 bucks.  I changed the oil and oil filter too.  I elected to use a K&N oil filter which I found on Ebay for $6.00.  I used Mobil 1 4T fully synthetic motorcycle oil 10w40.  Is this a good oil to use? Is there a BEST oil to use for the DR200?


price for bike itself: $2,000

new carb                $331.00

skid plate                $90.00

rear cargo rack       $120.00

rear storage            $50

handlebar pad         $15.00

spark plug                $3.00

oil filter                     $6.00

engine oil                 $10.00

air filter                     $30.00

K&N decals              $6.00


Total project price: $2,661

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Thanks for the tip.  I've heard about only using conventional oil while breaking in a new engine but I wasn't sure about the amount of mileage point to when the switch to syn would be ok.  I'll drain the bike and put in a fresh quart of Valvoline 10w-40 CONVENTIONAL motorcycle oil for the next 300 miles or so. Thanks again for the help.



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