Happy BD Kevvie

Hey Buddy,

No idea you were that young... From the photo's I was guesssing you were pushing 50... :)

Just kidding old buddy (emphasis on the old). Happy birthday (sorry I was late). Did you get any cool presents?


Thanks Mitch,

I received zero presents from my Wife, my two daughters and my son. Our money situation is real tight. My wife is working again, so things will get better.

A friend gave me a gift certificate for an electronics store. My Mother-in-Law gave me a gift certificate to a home store (Home Depot).

My wife did sing me happy birthday, though.

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No presents from the wofe and kids? Maybe they are buying you a bike..... :)

I am afraid not. :)

Kevvie old buddy,

When I get back to the states I will buy you something. Tell me, would you like an Australian T-shirt or something like that? If so, let me know and I will bring one back with me and ship it out to you.

Actually, send me your address and I will mail a t-shirt to you. I assume a medium?



Actually, I wear XL due to shrinkage, and prefer a looser fitting shirt. Since my address is public anyway:

Kevin Lysdahl

275 Old Mountain Road

Northwood, NH 03261-4209

I am waiting to catch up with you sometime, Pal. I am going to get you one of our local brewry shirts. :D

Thanks, Mitch! :)


Thanks for the adress kevin! I think we should get EVERYONE that is a member on this site to send Kev 1 dirty sock. That would be over 1000 dirty socks. Maby that will help kevvie remember whay\t it's like to ride :) Get that POS together, it's been riding time!


I fixed my flat twice in the last 2 days. The patch FELL OFF the first time! (I removed the clear backing INSTEAD of the BLUE backing. I guess it was the wrong side...???)

Rear tire is on bike, still needs to be aligned and tightened. Tank is on with 3/4 tank BRAND-SPANKING-NEW-GASOLINE!! I still need to mount the seat and rear brake reservoir. Last fall, prior to MOAB, I replaced all brake fluid, front and rear. I had air binding on the rear. Unless the Earth stops turning, which will really screw up our gravity (but you could get killer air off of a single!), the bike should be shredding the rear tire tonight. I hope this jetting is close enough to get me there and back, wherever there and back might be.

Oh, I also need to put my TPS back on. I was going to expose the wiring close to the sensor, to re-check my ohm readings. Maybe the wiring is damaged(?) One can only hope.

BTW, I did receive a present from my kids: One of them cracked the windshield on my 2001 NISSAN XTERRA while throwing rocks. Of course it failed inspection (April). What the heck, it is only $250 to replace! And no, I do not have "glass" on my policy.

I don't have glass on my policy either and I just spent 240 for mine yesterday. I also crashed this weekend and bent my new aluminum bars. I came down kind of haed on them. Another summer of many crashes is comming up. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

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