How to remove oxidation from the headpipe ?

Yesterday I removed some weird fabric that the last owner used to cover and disipate the heat from the head pipe and I discovered that the pipe is getting rust, what can I do to remove this oxidation.......? :)

Here's what a buddy of mine does like every 2 mos. He removes the entire exhaust system and busts out some scotch brite with some wd-40 and just strokes the hell out of it!! It works and pretty much looks Brand New! :)

I do the same thing. Use a green pad and some carb cleaner. If you are really concerned that it does not sparkle, use some of that MAAS metal polish creme. I use that on my street bike header and it works great.

Hope this helps


Scotch Brite or steel wool

SB is much better and easier to use but the steel wool leaves a brighter shine.

I recently bought a die grinder for a compressor and it works pretty slick too with a buffing wheel and a little rouge! :)

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