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Pit quad rebuild and mods

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Alright, so for those unfamiliar with my project, here's the original thread: Gio Mini Hummer. A few weeks ago, I was teaching our Jamaicans how to ride with a manual clutch, and ended up tearing the rear shock mount out of the frame. Oddly, I hadn't gussetted the shock mount, just the cross brace it attaches to.

I tore the quad down to a bare frame (and I do mean bare), and I'm starting again. I picked up a Brand X minis race head kit for the motor, and some steel tubing and a Honda 185 axle for the rear end. Progress may be a bit slow here and there, but I'm hoping to get this done in a few weeks to take on my cousin's Pitster Pro 155 powered Z-star. 

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Hate mail?

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