XR600 carb question

I have a 99 XR600 that hesitates when I give it full throttle. Before I tear out the carb and look for the cause, I was wondering if there where any other easy things to check first? :) I'm thinking there might be a fuel plunger diaphram that is torn (if it has one??) . Any suggestions?


Is it still in stock form???

The guy who owned it before me had it jetted. I just stopped by the motorcycle shop to have a tire mounted and I asked them what they thought. They thought I should increase the idle a little and richen the mixture a half turn. They also said it is normal for it to bog out when going from idle to full throttle. ???


Does it bog when you turn the throttle really quick from idle or just when turning it normally??? Also do you still have the stock air filter on the bike and airbox snorkel it could be that the bike isnt getting enough air into the air/fuel mixture. :)

It bogs when it is idling and I open the throttle full bore. I'm not sure what the stock air filter looks like.

The one that is on it has an oblong metal mesh inner cage

with a foam filter encapsulating it. The intake throat looks

stock. it ends under the seat. I should try taking the airbox cover off to see if that helps. If it does I'm not sure how to modify the existing intake. The bike has upgraded suspension, FMF. I love it.


On my 600 I had trouble with jetting for a while. I found the bike would bog as you said. When I snapped the throttle with NO load on the motor, everytime no mater what jet I put in it bogged. While riding the bike in gear I never had a problem. The bike never ran as well as my XR650 does but then that's a water cooled motor.


Your right, I never really notice the bog out when I'm riding. It's kind of fun to give it the throttle after it's warmed up and sitting in the driveway ready to load up. That roar gets me primed for the ride. Maybe the symptoms are normal for a XR600. Let's see if there are any other opinions.


Also you mite wanna try posting this in the jetting forum my dads '01 xr400r had the same problems and I posted about it there and I got some good answers. :)

Is it a California bike? Starting with the 98 model year, more restrictive intake manifolds were used. If your bike was rejetted richer, without replacing the manifold, might be the source of your bog. I had a 96xr600 and 1 size richer pilot,2 sizes richer on the main, a uni air filter, and a unrestricted baffle made a noticeable difference for the better.

It is a CA bike. I'm not much help answering questions because I can tell what is modified and what is not. The

intake manifold is black plastic. Roost gave me an idea so I went and bought a new Uni filter. It looks like it opens it up quite a bit compared to the one already on it. It still has the same syptoms (I'm really happy with the new filter though) I think I'm going to have to wimp out and let the Honda shop take a look at it. I'm still not sure if it's normal for the bike to act that way.

I heard the 650 has a fuel injector but this model doesn't.

True or false???


As far as I know neither the L or R has a fuel injector both have carbs. The only bikes I have heard of that have Fuel injectors are GasGas.

Pozo1, The reason it bogs with no load is because your opening the carb too fast. With no accelerator pump to add fuel at low RPM's your intake vacumn falls off and the fuel mixture goes lean. Basically the engine goes flat until fuel can be sucked out of the bowl. When your in gear running the RPM's are higher so there is no lost of intake vacumn.


Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking along the same lines but was not sure if it was normal for it to act that way. I guess thats that's way they designed it.


Go buy a Edelbrock pumper carb for the bike. It will solve all the jetting and cough out problems.

One of the best things you can do for a Xr600


Good idea. I'll bet that pump will do the trick. I just want to have instant power when I need it. I probably should have held out for the XR650. A lot of people seem to be really happy with theirs. Hey...If you get a chance maybe you can post some photos of riding areas in Oregon. I'll bet it's awesome.


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