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After Racing Maintenance - Question (cam chain)

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Proud owner of a 2001 DRZ-400 E model. I don't get to ride much due to work and life, but last summer I decided to race a season of Enduros on my DRZ just to see if I could. Boy was I in for a rough awakening, but I was able to complete 6 hard enduros, and actually placed in my class in individual races and overall. I even beat some of those orange bikes on numerous occassions.  :ride:  :p


The DRZ performed very well overall (a bit heavy, but I don't know any better  :thumbsup: ), and I got many compliments from other riders on how well it did. However, it took a beating (and so did I, broken foot in last race but still finished :cry: ). The plastics got destroyed, and I think 10 lbs of permanent mud is stuck in all the crevices. Haven't ridden since the last race, and I'm just now getting around to checking all the mechanicals out, and I have a question I cant find an answer to by searching.


  • Cam chain - I have an MCCT installed by previous owner. I've always noticed some noise coming from the right side of the engine. I was going to check valve clearances, and noticed that the cam chain seemed to be a bit loose. (it is not tight between the cam shaft sprockets). The MCCT seems to be turned in pretty far (not much travel left, maybe half inch). I wondering if you think the chain needs to be replaced? How can I tell if I need a new one? Do I have to replace the cams, and sprockets as the manual says along with the chain. That would be way expensive. Can I get away with just replacing the chain? How far can you adjust the MCCT before you can assume the chain is done?
  • What other parts will I need if I go to replace the chain? A gasket for the right side case? Anything else?
  • Is this hard to do?

I plan to replace the clutch (which I think started to slip in the last race), adjust the valves, new cam chain (if required based on responses), oil change, coolant change, through cleaning, new plastics/graphics, and get back to riding.


The bike will now be used for recreational trail riding, as I got the racing bug out of my system. I will try to post a few photos of the bike in action if anyone wants to see. 




photo 3.JPG



Thanks in advance,




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