Rekluse Clutch

I have a full time supermoto so I wouldn't want one.  If I get another bike for the woods I will seriously consider one.

 A rekluse ...has no idea if you're ... trying to loft the front end over an obstacle, or fanning to get in the powerband. All those clutch uses are different and require different techniques.


Which is why the clutch lever is still there.  Neither of those maneuvers require any particular finesse, either. :rolleyes:


Taking of from a dead stop is covered.  The clutch doesn't need anyone's help for that.

I put a core exp 3.0 on my WR 450 last fall. My clutch was slipping so needed new plates anyway.

IMHO the best thing about the auto clutch is the ability to ride very slow in technical terrain and not have to worry about killing the bike. Especially when wet and muddy. Mike bike is sometimes a pain to start and the battery is a little low and the estart doesn't get it. Kicking it on the side of a hill sucks.

If I bought a new bike for the type of riding I do I would put a rekluse in it as soon as it was home. But no desire to have one in my F800GS as I'm not single tracking that pig.

I rode my 2013 WR450F today with the EXP 3.0. I still use the clutch quite a bit just because i like being able to have that control, but i find myself using it much less in the general tight trails. The thing almost solved the stalling issue by 100%. I didn't stall too often, but once in a while it would really just catch me be surprise and screw me up. 


After getting used to the Rekluse (2nd time riding w/it) i really like it. Here's a quick video of putting around my local area trying it in a few different areas:

Especially at very low speeds in the really tight stuff is where the clutch shines.  (My son has his own approach to sections like that; he just goes so fast he doesn't need the clutch.  Beyond me.)


It's in these sections that you begin to understand that using the Rekluse well is not the artless, automatic process the unfamiliar make it out to be.   In fact, it involves refining another basic skill beyond the level that most riders really ever have.  That skill is throttle control.  If you learn to really finesse the throttle in the first idle-to-1/6 range, the bike will rock crawl like it never has, and will be much more able to start out from a standstill on a loose uphill.


I know there are people who can do that kind of thing, but the best pros in any sport can do all kinds of things that most of us can't, so that doesn't concern me.  The thing is that manual clutches in the situations I just mentioned require fine motor skills at both hands while simultaneously managing the steering and control effort with the same two hands.  The Rekluse moves all of the fine motor to the right, and gives you the left free to focus on steering control.  Most people can do either of these things reasonably well, and most of those can even do both at once.  What's hard is doing both with the same hand.  By taking that requirement off the table, the Rekluse does, in  a sense, make many people better riders, or at least lets them perform better.

They Are great clutches if you like riding in tight rough trials on a big 450 bike. Don't have to worry about riding the clutch or killing it on a wicked up hill trail.

Gee a bunch of posts were suddenly deleted for no reason... I wonder if someone was butthurt and cried to the mods? :cry:

Gee a bunch of posts were suddenly deleted for no reason... I wonder if someone was butthurt and cried to the mods? :cry:


Nobody cried, and there was a reason. 


If you think that we're going to allow you 3 to throw sand at each other and screw up the forum for everyone else, you're wrong.   If you have any comments to offer regarding this matter, I recommend you keep them to yourself, or direct them to a moderator or administrator.

^ I like this guy :) 

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