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90 - 94 DR250S Lubrication System Question

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Hey guys,


I was looking at a lube map of the dry sump system and I'm kind of confused. According to the manual the oil pump has 2 pumps (inner/outer) but I'm confused about how it works really.




The arrows get kind of convoluted down there and I'm wondering about the flow direction, does it pump from the inner crankcase to the outer crankcase, gearbox etc.. If you look the arrows are going up into the screen strainer which just occurred to me is more for rotor protection than junk entrapment.


So the pump sucks through the strainer inside the crank case and pumps outward to the clutch housing area to the oil filter and beyond?


If you're wondering why I'm spending so much time on this nonsense, I can't answer that really. :D





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