Fork oil amount. XR650R

I was looking in my service guide and it said the forks hold approx. 21.5 oz. of fork oil. Is this per fork or for the pair?

I'm just trying to figure out how much total oil I need to buy.

Also, this will be my first change. Is it recommended to rinse the tube out with anything other then clean oil?

Most of us just measure the oil as the height from the top of the fork, with the spring out, fully pumped and collapsed. Its more usefull as the amount in ounces is for a completely 'dry' fork. Plus--if you are like me--you might have to yank that spring out a couple times (and so loose fork oil) while you get the thing bolted back together. Meaning you would have to completely disassemble and clean everything all over get the exact amount in...and yes suspension is noticalby sensitive to even 1-2 tablespoons difference.

Most guys seem to like 110mm distance from the top of the fork to the oil level. If memory is right- Honda specs are from 90-120mm--so for sure theres room to play around with.

Also- if its sprung properly for your weight-then it seems 3 or 2.5 weight oil is better then 5 wt. You will have better response to straight edges-rocks, roots, etc. But adjust the clikcers stiffer a bit - like 1-4 clicks.



Is it roughly 21.5 oz. per fork or for the pair?

I'm trying to figure out how many bottles of oil to buy.

Buy two. You can almost get by with one-but after spilling a bit and what not-you will need two.

You will need to buy two. I think I used a little over 1200ml, for both legs. Go with the 2.5wt. I have the 5wt in mine and I think I'm going to change it to 2.5wt. :)

You can flush out the old fluid with ATF or some of the 800ml you have left over from the 2 liters.

A completely empty fork (one) takes 635ml to have 120mm from the top and 655ml for 110mm from the top. I fill the fork with 650 and add a little till it is 110 to 105mm depending on the rider I am rebuilding it for.

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