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XR 500 wont shift in 4th

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so i just pick up 1984 Xr 500R(project). Bike was left in back yard for 15 years. i clean and lube everything. Adjust valves, clean carbs, new chain. today i try to start. after maybe 20- 30 kicks, it start. Run very good, idles, no smog.

After bike warm up, i try to shift and try gears. 1st 2nd 3rd were fine. But when i try hit 4th it felt like something wont let it shift all the way. (or 4th gear was like neutral). after this i cant shift to 5th. if i push down it will go back to 3rd and 2nd neutral and then first. Also clutch lever is hard to pull. same happens when motor not running.

Any Idea what could it be, I am trying to bring this bike back to life. And before i open Engine i want to have Idea what to look for.

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