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2007 RM250 noisy shift from N to 2nd

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I have a 2007 RM250 that is making an awful noise and I'm hoping someone might be able to hone me in on the problem. Basically, it shifts perfectly fine and quiet from N-1, 1-2 and 2-3 but when I try to pop it into 2nd from neutral (like on the gate before it drops), it makes a horrible gear meshing sound and the shifter vibrates before going to 2nd if the rpm's aren't right at idle. It will go in smooth at idle but anything above idle and it sounds/feels terrible. I have no other issues with the tranny. The clutch is also getting real notchy so I've ordered a Hinson basket, hub and pressure plate but I've had those components groove up before and not cause this so I doubt that's the problem. Any ideas?

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