Extra flywheel anyone?

YZF Virgin

I have a 2000 YZF426, I bought a 14 oz. Steahly complete flywheel.

They use a 400F flywheel to put the weight on, because it is bigger in diameter then a 426

So maybee you have a 426 flywheel or maybee a WR weight (bigger than a YZ ?)

Hope that helps you


I took my flywheel weight off, 10oz, and it's just gathering dust. If you want it, email me at


I won't be here this weekend since we are going to Anaheim for round 3 of the supercross, but I'll be back Monday.

It's just gathering dust so I'll sell it to ya cheap.


99 YZ400

I desperately need a flywheel for a 400f. I order weight for mine, went to take it off, and the outside diameter is too small to mount the weight to. Terry, at Terrycable, said he has never run across one so small. Please help if you can.

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