What are all these wires?

While wiring a dual sport kit to my 14 wr450 I noticed two six pin plugs that are capped behind the front light. A couple of the pins have 12 v going to them. Under the cap was a metal six post grounding all the wires together. What are these open plugs for?

Is it possible to get the Aussie blinker package and just plug it in?

Originally I was poking around trying to grab power for the DS kit without having to run wires all the back to the battery.

Anyone know what those two plugs are for?

Got one

Mentions nothing about them

Since your such a smart ass maybe you could read it and enlighten me

No need to be a dick

Thought the forum was for help and discussion

If you would like to be helpful and you have a 12 or newer wr you could open up one of the two electrical diagrams in the back and make heads or tails of it for me

I am no electrical engineer

On the wiring routing page for the front of the bike I saw nowhere the two open plugs

I'm not sure what connectors you are talking about.  There's a 4 pin with a cap on it coming out of the speedometer.  I think it's for some remote control device they used to sell.  There's something they call "joint connector" where a bunch of stuff that needs grounded meets up.  They're all black wires though, no 12V positive.  I can look in the morning, I don't remember seeing what you are describing.  OK, there was a joint connector with all positive wires, I think it is 17 in the diagram.  The diagram shows a couple more connectors, 11 and 12 that appear to have an empty pin.  I didn't see them on my bike. There was a big section of harness that was taped up.  I think they might be in there.  I guess you could get switched power from one of those connectors if you added a pin. 

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Maybe you should get in touch with Crash279 on supermotojunkie.  He knows a guy that makes a plug and play harness just like the factory part.

Maybe you should get in touch with Crash279 on supermotojunkie. He knows a guy that makes a plug and play harness just like the factory part.


They are taped up in the main harness coming around the head tube.

The grounding theory makes sense cause like I said it had a pin under the cap connecting them all together and there was 5 hot wires and one ground

Thanks for the info

Always nice to find someone helpful!

What color are the wires?  That doesn't make sense to connect a ground to a bunch of hot wires, the fuse would blow.  Yamaha uses black for ground, brown is switched positive and red is positive. 

Brown. Only looked at a few. Didn't want to pull back the sheeting to much to see all wires. When the grounding plate (six pin male)is not plugged into the plug the bike has no power when you cycle the on/off switch.

Leads me to believe there for power to some after market stuff

I see these bike come with blinkers in Australia. Could these be the plugs.

There's probably a sub-harness that has plugs for the turn signals, brake light switch, horn, and the left side switch assembly, high beam indicator, green turn signal dash lamp, forgot about those 2; oh yeah, neutral light.  The harness might have a couple pins to tap into those connectors for ground and 12V.  I don't know where to buy those 6 pin joint connector assemblies, they would make for a clean install.  I use posi-twists which are nice but they don't look factory.

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Thanks for all the info

I've noticed wr F and wr FE on different literature

Must be the diff between the street legal euro version and the bike sold in US

nice that the harness is already installed

Wish it were easier to find the factory street legal set up here

I've got a baja design kit coming. Would be nice if it plugged right in

It would eliminate a whole mess of wires

Thanks again

I hate to be the guy to bring the two-year-old thread back from the dead but can you guys confirm that the joint connector 40 in the back the headlight is just a junction for all the grounds to come together?

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