Shorted my Stator on exhaust

So I'm pretty embarrassed by this but I let my stator wire come in contact with my exhaust and it melted through and shorted 2 wires and melted my stator.   Its a 2007 YZ450F I have replaced the stator with a brand new one and just spent $130 on a new coil because my ohm reading said it was bad .4 well after buying the new one ( no returns on electrical components) it read .4 as well, lame. so before spending any more money I need some help. Obviously the CDI is the only thing left as I have tested the wiring harness and everything is good.  Any help from you gurus would be great.  I have not tested the throttle sensor yet, does would that have been harmed as well?



Most multimeters are not all that accurate at low resistance.  And the manuals should say something like 0 to 1 ohm.  Now you have a spare coil or can sell it on ebay.  If in doubt about the TPS, disconnect it, as the bike will run without it.  

Sorry to not be much help here but how did your hot pipe come into contact with your stator?

You can never go wrong with a new coil!  I have chased gremlins that turned out to be a bad coil which tested as good more than once.


I assume you have no spark (you didn't actually say).  Have you actually checked for spark and put in a new plug, or is it just not starting?


Did you try disconnecting the kill switch?


If you fried the stator, I think it is possible that you also fried the CDI, but just guessing.  Is there a voltage regulator also?

Ha that's the embarrassing part I didn't zip tie it in my rush to go ride. Yes the problem is I am not getting spark. I tried new plugs, I guess I'll start looking for a new cdi. And no it does not have a regulator, that I know of unless it is build into the cdi unit.

So I got a new cdi and still no spark! I have tested the wiring harness, everything had connectivity. I have a new cdi, new stator from electro sport and a new coil. The only thing I have not tested is the tps, which should not affect spark I think? I am at my wits end with this one. Could the flywheel have lost polarity on the magnets or is there any other component to replace or check?!

Ok turned it that the brand new stator was no good, I got another from rocky stator And everything works great.

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