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Cleaning a chain, bike?

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So anyone ever clean a chain?  I took my son's off and put it in a pan of kero then went at it with a brush.  It's definitely an outdoor thing.  I dumped the solution and repeated it.  The chain came out pretty clean.  I had to blow it off with compressed air, another messy deed.  Re-installed the chain and applied "Chain Wax" product both sides.


When I go to the track I always see guys with bikes in pristine condition.  I know they ride every week, but how do they get their rides SO CLEAN?  I spent a couple of hours on one of my bikes recently.  First I powerwashed it(packed the air box and exhaust and was careful to avoid all seals etc).  Then I detailed the bike.  It came out pretty clean, but not "new".


Some things I learned:

Trim to fit, then hot glue a Scotch-Brite pad to a paint stirrer.  This gets some hard-to-reach areas and is a knuckle-saver.

   This works well on spokes, for instance.

Scotch-Brite pads work well to shine up aluminum parts.  You can go 000 or 0000 steel wool if that fails.

My son put our X muffler on the wire wheel the other day and it came out looking like new.

Brake cleaner works well on the rear sprocket, but it's still a bear and would be way easier to remove it . . . but then replace the bolts?  PITA


I like the No Toil air filters/wash system.  Water soluble is great.

A quick way to clean your air box is with paper towels and windex.  The windex cuts the No Toil and removes grime.

If you have the time, the BEST way to clean your airbox is to take it off the bike and soak it in a pail of HOT water and powdered dishwasher soap.  Use a Scotch Brite pad and an old tooth brush to get the nooks.  Next, soak/rinse it with clear water, then air dry. 



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