2002 w/ 52T rear, too much ??

Hello all,

I ordered a 51T rear from a company and they sent a 52 by mistake. I ride 50/50 trails/track and was wondering, first will this fit with the stock chain and CS sprocket, and second has anyone tried it and liked it. I figured I would ask all of you guys before I take it out of its shrink wrap.



Do you like to SuperCross or Climb Trees?

No seriously, 52 tooth may work well in tight, very hilly woods. Or very tight motocross tracks.

I can't answer whether it will work with the stock chain length but I can tell you this - I had a 13th CS sprocket with the stock 49t rear (nearly the same as the 52t rear and 14t). I thought I liked it until I changed chains and stuck the 14t back on. I won't go back to it. Maybe a 50t rear but no more than that for me.

I don't ride trails at all - MX tracks only.


Steve T

I run A 14/50, ride only mx tracks.I wouldn't go any bigger I prefer the 50t for tight or fast tracks.Just my opinion though.


I use 13 - 49 on my YZ426, works great for trails

I doubt stock chain will fit


Send it back!

way too much shifting required.

the beauty of a 4 stroke is torque

14/ 52 is too low

I also ran a 13t-49t combo just because the bike was new and I wanted to save money, but my next set will be a 14t-50t combo because I think the 13t runs the chain to tight. The 13t gearing was fine for riding track and trail. here in the northwest

2001 426 I run 14 front 48 rear.The bike rips.on any track less shifting tons of bottom.

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