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I got some Good Chain Lube!

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I took some chemicals to County Waste Management and rummaged through their "Reuse" section.  Got 4 full cans of Lubrease Chain & Cable Lube!  This stuff is great (because it was FREE)!!!!




Penetrates, lubricates, and protects to increase chain, cable, and wire rope life

Lubrease Aerosol penetrates deep to the core of wire and hemp-type cables and chain links to keep them flexible and protected. It lubricates with Moly to reduce friction and wear and extend the life of chains and cables. It also does not harden, but sets to a smooth film that protects against dirt, dust, and water washout. Provides superior rust and corrosion protection and stays in place.

APPLICATIONS:  Recommended for use on chains, drag lines, forklifts, cranes, wire rope, trenchers, conveyors, cables, trucks, trains, drive chains, drilling rigs, fishing nets, power shovels, etc.


Always read the product label for complete directions and precautions before using any product.


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