2010 yz450 spring rate

Hi there I have a 2010 yz450, I weigh 138 pounds no gear and have bout 117mm race sag and 35mm static sag, not sure what spring rates I have front and rear maybe stock , I'm a average trail / mx but want to do a bit more mx, what is a good base setup for my quoted measurements , thanks.


Has anyone got any tips I rode it on the weekend and I didn't feel too bad

Your race(static)sag seems high. It should be 100-105. The spring needs more preload. The stock springs for the bike are actually probably on the stiff side for your weight. Are you sure the springs are stock.

Stock is 0.47 kg/mm up front 5.7 kg/mm rear. Ideally you would want around .44 kg/mm front 5.2 - 5.4 rear.

Most of the guys who have been successful with the '10-'13's have been running sag numbers in the 105-115 range. 

Sorry everyone I stuffed up, I actually weigh 238 pounds not 138 lol

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