When might next years model be released?

I'm curious what Yamaha's policy has been in the past with regards to new model releases. For example, the 2002 Subaru WRX was released in early 2001.

When can I expect the YZ450F to be released? I'd like to hold out for the '03 450 instead of the '02 426...


no one knows if its a 450...but "IT" should be out around september i believe? somewhere around there. We're sure to know what it will be sooner then that though.

I believe the Yamaha Dealer Show is in June. This is usually the time the rumors turn into facts....

Shipments usually start sept-Nov....

gezzzzzzzzzz :D It's only January,,,don't make my 02 old already :)

I got the first '01 426 in my area in mid Oct. 2000.


The Yz range is released earlier than the Wr range, but the dealers can only order them when the big wigs are happy that stocks of current models are almost depleted... the 03 range might sit in the warehouse for a few weeks until most of the 02's are sold off... of course, your dealer may have a very special relationship with HQ, but you would have to be a pretty high level rider with a proper racing team to get your bikes any earlier than the average punter...

You are going to be doing a lot of waiting if you want an 03 model... try 8-10 months...

Think of all that track time you are going to miss... :) unless you buy a copy of MCM 2 and just pretend...


Damn... 8-10months... nope, can't wait... must buy soon..


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