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2000 yz250 no start…

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Need fellow riders to chime in on finding out why my bike has been a no go… 

I have a 2000 yz250 I bought the bike being told the motor was just redone and approx 1hour on it. I viewed the bike and it started up after about 4-5 kicks and idled fine, he told me he had the mix kinda rich cause the motor was new so it was smoking a little more than a normal 2 smoker, I popped down the choke and took the bike for a spin up the road, it was packed full of power and would stand up every gear with a blurp of throttle! Came back shut it off, looked it over and decided I wanted the bike.

Got the bike home and had nothing but issues ever since, I can't get it to start and idle since. It started maybe 2 times but died instantly after "catching"
Turn on the fuel and it would just pour straight out the carb's overflow tube… So i assumed this was the obvious problem and addressed that first!

The last time it "started" was the attempt after the carb clean and it started and as soon as i went to blurp it some gas it died and wouldn't go again.

Things I've done so far:

-Disassembled carb, cleaned up everything all the jets/float pivot, fuel needle and seat, adjusted float height to approx 6.1mm (Called for 5.5-7.5mm). I blew it all out with air, I blew out the vent lines swell, I cut a couple of them a little shorter since the bottoms were either melted or little clogged. Put it back on and the carb no longer poured out fuel! Kicked the bike over no go… pulled plug was wet, tried new plug still nothing.
-Cleaned/oiled air filter
-Checked reeds and discovered I have carbon fiber reeds(Cool!) and they looked good to me, no break/cracks
-Cleaned out air box
-Cleaned out fuel tank and petcock
Fuel flow from petcock is good
-Tried new gas/new plug
- Tried Br8eg, Br9es and Br8es plugs, tested them for spark they all look great with solid blue spark
-Repacked the muffler (Found there was nothing in it and the baffle was broke, welded it back together)

Things still left to try:

- Get pulled behind a vehicle and bump start in 2nd gear to kinda force the ol' girl to go.

Black/grey liquid leaks from exhaust port of head and where header connect ( missing o rings, on back order till June 18th ), could that be more than the o-rings?
When the carb was part i noticed the pilot you couldn't see through, I cleaned it with CLR and then carb cleaner and blew it out with air and could see through it again, don't think this became clogged again some how?

What am I missing, anyone please chime in!


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The idle screw needs to be set on it. It idles for like 10-15 seconds and will die but thats the least of my problems, i don't care IT RUNS

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