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1984 KLR 600 wiring pictures? Kickstart only.

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I have a slight problem with my KLR 600 that I picked up for 100 bucks. The wiring has been for lack of a better word FUBARed by the previous owner who was a "electrical engineer" 

It is kickstart only so that helps with the mess. 

I have the manual, I can follow wiring diagrams, but I don't have a visual of where these wires are supposed to go. Another thing I don't have is a key switch or kill switch wired up, so no spark. I don't care if it has a key switch, so if there is a way to bypass it that is fine with me. 

What I need are actual pictures of where these few wires go. I have searched all over and found wiring diagrams but no actual pictures. I'm pretty sure there is a wire in this mess that is not supposed to be there its a extra yellow wire if I remember right. So if anyone has a actual pictures of where these wires actually run to I would appreciate it. 


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