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First Bike for My Wife

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Was wondering if anybody out there has been down this road before?

I am big into the enduro scene and my wife has taken an interest, she is not your typical girl and is quite tough and does a bit of MTB etc.


I was on a YZ250 (with enduro mods) and am looking to get myself a 2014 KTM300EXC 2T and possibly getting her started on a 4T as opposed to a 2T.

Personally I prefer the 2T because I normally do my own maintenance but I will be willing to make an exception for her to learn on.


It definitely must be electric start, but my dilemma is what size motor do I get her?

I like doing a lot of hill climbs etc. and I think a smaller motor will make it harder for her if she wants to follow me.

I think she will also grow out of the likes of a CRF230 or TT-R230 quite quickly, and we will have to sell and buy again.

So was thinking something along the lines of a KTM250EXC-F or a WR250F.


Might even be able to strike a deal with my local New Zealand KTM dealer if I buy both at the same time.

If not, then may lean towards a Yamaha because I heard their WR can be a bit more reliable.

Both these bikes can be lowered (she is not very tall but not short either) so that will also make it easier for her.

Not sure if they can be dialled back a bit but that would be ideal because we could always remove restrictions etc. later on once she got used to the power.


Bonus is I can also give it a spin every now and again if I feel like riding a 4T, and she can have a go on mine for a change.

But the last thing I want is for her to get frustrated with the bike and hate the sport :banghead:

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I rode a lKTM 250 XCW-F with recluse and lowered 1" at a demo day. I thought it would make a great wife bike. But it may still be to tall for someone 5'-6" tall.

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The Rekluse clutch is a great idea, that would make it a lot easier for her.

Was considering the WR250F but Yamaha have not updated it in a few years, so not keen to support them.

Got a feeling it might be a bit on the high side too, will take her to the local KTM dealer and get her to sit on one.

Being too short for a bike can make life really difficult, but if the suspension is lowered and a lower seat option is installed it might be enough

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