04 for cheap or 07 for not as cheap?

You can get a pilot or a main jet out in 1 beer if you go from underneath.


I lay a small mirror on the cases to see what I'm doing.

I would have payed so much money to have had an aftermarket fuel screw this morning! what a joke!

Long story short I put all the pieces back together today and it's not great but it's no longer downright embarrasing. Once warm, it'll start and idle half-rough without the choke now.

The decel backfiring is much better now also. Constant pops are still there but no gunshots.


It will probably still stall on me every now and again but I think I'm just gonna leave it for now and see how she goes. That said, a carb pull and clean will be on the cards soon - probably whenever I get tired of the sick, old tomcat idle.


I've learned a heap and had a good bonding experience with my bike! Can't thank you guys enough for the help, no way I could've done any good without all your info and the info on this site.

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