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Low vs high for handle bars for mx

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Hey guys I'm running the pro taper windham Bend on 2012 yz450 I like them they did make it so I can slide farther up on the bike and they do feel great when standing the only down side I could see and tell me if my logic is wrong is that when really trying to corner hard is having a higher bar Bend hurting me. I know people's opinion go back and fourth on this and at the end of the day just do what makes you comfortable but I was thinking that you might get a better attack position heading into the corner being able to really lean over the front of the bars while seated instead of having your hands and arms more out in front of you. I know every thing is compromise but am I correct. I would think if there lower they would allow it to be easier for you to push down entering the corner. Hope this post makes sense. By the way I'm about five foot ten and I have the windhams rolled back slightly.

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