who knows how to make these yz450f really fly I drag race one?/

I was wondering if there is someone or a bussiness or company or who ever that knows how to make these yz450f fly I have the head ported and stage 2 hot cams which i did not see any change and not happy with... je 12:8 piston It should have picked up a lot but didn't I know because I drag race it .....dirt drags 500ft and times only changed a little and mph only went up about 3 or 4 mph should have been a lot more.. and the 3 or 4 mph gain was piston and port work then put the cams in and no change...

You need to improve your launch technique

4 mph is substantial

Since your time didn't change your just spinning your tire.

Drag racing is all about traction and reaction time if you have power.


New sticker kit will add HP :)

Ride it like you stole it!

What rear tire are you using.

Look up Ron Hamp.  He's the guy who has more real 60+ hp 5 valve YZ450's out there than anyone.

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