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What should I do for my yz250f

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Hi guys I'm from around the Wisconsin area. And I got a 2005 yz250f with some after market parts such as pro action shocks rear and front fmf powercore kehrin power shot device carb aftermarket clutch plates Asv break away levers pro taper bars stuff like that. But I'm gonna be racing local motocross and harescambles every weekend. What do you guys think for stuff such as more performance parts?, build the motor? , changing gearing,? Skid plates. I just need the best of both worlds for moto and XC.

Tell me what you think!, thanks!

-2005 YZ250F-

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  1. Barkbusters- Cycra-Probend

Tires, best front you can buy.... that's the one you balance on, if it goes away, you fall... period

Skid Plate

New sparkplug

2 airfilters

Change oil after 5hrs run time religiously

check valve lash, record value and shim size

lube all cables, grease all threads

Revalve forks and shock for your weight and riding style  AFTER you adjust settings first to get best performance.


READ READ READ .......Riding Technique

Set up the bike to fit you.... ergonomics....

bar angle, lever angle, shifter height, rear brake height...

add a stronger rear brake spring for better feel

48, 49, 50 T rear sprockets for gearing

GUTS RACING seat foam


Practice   Practice   Practice

No need for more engine power until you can hold the throttle Wide Open all the way around the track and its still not enough.  Learn to use the power you have first.

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Strike up a conversation with guys you meet at the local shop, at the track, riding buddies, anybody in your area who rides the places you ride.

Ask them about their bikes and what tires they ride with and why.  Everybody likes to talk about what they are doing with their bike, so it should be easy conversation. 


Be willing to spend some time in deliberation on your decision to buy because tire cost money, and your decision can affect your stability and safety.  I buy the most expensive tires I can afford because I'm an old guy and I do not like to fall... it hurts.


Personally, I like the Michelin M12 and Starcross on the front.  If you look at the Starcross, there are twice as many edges on it which I think help it grip and last longer.


Rears I like Dunlop MX51 for light weight and reasonable cost.

Asking about tires is like asking what you like on your hamburger, you get a different answer from each person you ask!

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