need some help with GYTR tuning

long time creeper, first time I have a 2011 YZ450f. I just bought the GYTR tuner and have been having a blast playing with the maps that are posted on here. I was wondering if anyone knows how low in the settings I can go.

I'm looking at de-tuning the power for trail riding and letting my kid have a crack at riding it. I don't wanna ruin the engine by making the setting too retarded or something. any help would be great . thanks!

You can run the extremes on the tuner without causing damage

Retard the timing and fatten the fuel a few degrees in low rpm 1/4 throttle setting That will help relax the initial bark the bike has



I just got my power tuner. 


I want my bike to be smoother on bottom and add some power on top,  How am I suppost to map it?


Does more fuel makes it smoother and less fuel adds power?


In that case I should map it something like this?



+3 0 -3

+3 0 -3

+3 0 -3


How does the ignition affect the power?

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