Can anyone make some recommendations.Went to pull my wheel off and the lower pinch bolt on the fork wouldn't come out. To make matters worse, the head got disfigured as I attempted to grab it with vice grips.


So I head out and got a Bolt extractor--from Harbor Freight --MISTAKE, the bit broke in the pinch bolt.


Sweating bullets here, if i get a flat on the trail, i'm stuck. Forgot I had this issue and just complted a 80 mile loop in Big Bear, That was before the bit broke in the bolt.

Bummer, that happened to me one time. There's no way to drill it out now, your only option is to get a better pair of vise grips or grind it down flat and drill/extract it again. You might be able to take a center punch and pop the broken bit out but I know what you're up against. Good luck.

You may be able to tighten the other pinch bolt to help take the load off that one. Then spray it with contact cleaner.

Use a quality, large pair of side cutters to hold vertically above the head of the bolt, like you would a screwdriver. Try to cut into the sides of the head for grip while turning the bolt out with the side cutters.

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Thanks for the ideas, keep them coming.

Penetrating oil and let it sit for at least a day. Cut the sides of the bolt so you can get good grip and then use he vise grips.

Use some heat on the lug around the bolt. It's aluminum, so it will get hot and soft before the bolt. Should be able to twist it out after that.

Because you have the extractor broke off in the bolt, not much of what you see here is going to help very much.  However, that hole is open on the bottom.  Lay the bike down and drill down the center of the bolt as near as possible with a small bit.  Follow this with a bit suitable for a 1/4" tap.  Drill until you hit the broken extractor, then drive that out with a pin punch from the bottom.  Heat the fork lug carefully, no hotter than when water will bounce off it, and try running the tap into the bottom at the same time as you use a real extractor (meaning NOT Harbor Freight) on the top. 


If it still wont budge, drill through it with the correct tap drill size for the 8Mx1.25 thread, and retap the hole as carefully as you can.

Thanks for all your replies.

Grab a hand grinder make a slit it the head of the bolt, grab a ratchet with a bit driver socket and the biggest snuggest flat bit you have and give it a try, might not work since it was clearly to tight to remove with the proper tool but it's just a suggestion can't make it any worse than it already is...

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