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I need a little help with my forks 07 kx 250

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I have searched with no luck

I looked at my manual .. it shows the open chamber kx forks 03 04 but it doesn't show 05 06 07 forks

does.anyone have a break down of how to rebuild the forks?

I have never done a aoss forks (dual chamber) and want to make sure there is no air in my forks....

thanks here is a few pics of my bike for view pleaser



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It's actually pretty simple. If you're pretty mechanically inclined, once the forks are fully disassembled, You'll see how the inner chambers come apart. Then they hold a certain amount of oil as well and are sealed. I'm not home to to tell you exactly how much. I have it written on the wall in my garage so I don't have to keep looking in the book.


Once the inner chamber is filled and you're sure they don't leak, then you just do the outer chambers just like a single chamber fork. I saw a better way to bleed the forks down vs raising and lowering the inner damper rod.


You pull the outer tube all the way up, place your palm tightly over the tube and press down and force. You'll feel pressure blow by your palm. Do this 2-3 times then check damper rod for slack. There won't be any. Usually it takes 8-12 strokes of the damper rod to bleed them, if not more.

Then just use the fork oil height deal to set correct height.


I, personally, don't change out the inner fluid on the 250 very often. I think about every 4 or 5 outer fluid changes.

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