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Wiped in-take cam

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        2009 KTM 250 SXF 85 hours.I recently changed the piston/rings  Replaced the intake valves with Pro x steal valves. Ran great for 12 hrs then started to make a ticking noise in the top end. Removed the valve cover to discover the left intake (new steel valves) cam lobe wiped as well as the valve lever. The right intake was un-damaged and in spec. When  I turned the engine over using the kick starter  oil did squirt out the 4 oil jets. The oil jet for the problem valve did seem to shoot a little less oil then the others. I Made sure the oil passages were open and clean with isopropyl alcohol, replaced the oil pump (JIC).So I'm concerned the stronger valve springs for the steel valves may be a problem and/or the reduced oil volume or both.Found all the oil passages to be open and the screens were clean.The oil filter and the oil drain plug did have metal flakes on them.  Feedback is appreciated.

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