headgasket leak after topend rebuild

I have a 2003 that i recently bought for a bargain, did a topend rebuild and have done 1st ride after heat cycles only to discover that i lose coolant and have a leak on the carb side of the cylinder/head joint. did discover that the 2 bolts on the RHS of the bike was never torqued up....... well done mechanic NOT. so the question is do I have to strip out and replace the gasket or loosen up everything and retorque all bolts and hope for the best?



A new gasket would get the best results

I would definitely try re-torquing first.

I would definitely try re-torquing first.


I suppose you could, but it has a less than 10% chance of working.  Maybe less now that it's been run. Plus, in order to be done correctly, the bolts will have to be loosened, and in fact removed and lubed, twice.  The gasket's already been compromised by being run with a leak, then it may be further contaminated by oil and coolant when you loosen the bolts. 


Head torquing procedure:



Thanks all. I have just retorqued it first, but find it impossible to start the thing. Do I need to replace the sparkplug as well. There was a lot of water in the chamber..

Oh brother. :facepalm:

Ok, pulled top end ... Again ...New gasket is $ 54!

Is there any way a paper gasket could work.?

You're kidding.  Right?

Do it once.... Do it properly......

Ok so have installed all top end gaskets, done timing as per manual.......now not starting.

Buying a new sparkplug and installing tonight, if still leaking im gonna have heart failure!!!!!

Naaah just selling this POS.... Not wirth it anymore

Giving up way to easy. Slow down, get a manual and go through step by step. Or if ur close to Mississippi give me a price

Right so I calmed down after a beer or two, replaced head gasket got it running and now have a overheating situation? Pipe gets redhot within 1 minute, is this normal? Funny tapping noise like a knock, some says its normal Im like WTF? Starts easy took a short run and have a small oil leak out the headImageUploadedByThumper Talk1405696680.401853.jpg just above the exhaust to the right of side

There is supposed to be an M6x1.0 bolt in that hole with a copper washer on it, for one thing.  Then, on the larger hole just in front of that, there should be a sealed plug.  You can use an 18mm automotive "freeze plug" for the big one.

Tx gray! Your a legend! I bought this bike for $1700 have spent about another $1000 and hopefully can start enjoying it now...

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