any good front tires?

I'm tired of bustin my a$$ because of the front tire washing out! On a track I was just putting around, hit some sand/loose dirt and almost ate it. PUTTING!!! I know the faster you ride, the easier it is and I'll agree with that but this thing won't stay planted to anything! I have a yz tank/seat and that helped but I think the stock front is junk. Any good ones for soft terrain? I was lookin at the dunlop 756. thanks

The Dunlop 756 is an excellent choice. It is what I am currently useing and I love it. The other tire to check out is the Mich S 12. I have ran this is the past with similiar results as the 756. Ride hard, ride often!!!


2000 Wr, YZ Timed,James Dean carb settings:),fastline cr routing brakeline, YZ exhaust, YZ seat, IMS tank and much more.

Mitchy Enduro Comp iv!! sticks like **** to a blanket.

Dunlop 756 for the front rails. Mucho better for me. Mostly mud, soft soil, and sand is what I ride. This tire is skinny and bites very well.

Have you tried to setup yor front suspension.

Try a little softer on soft tracks, i may help.

In every case the more you gas it, the less you'll have to worry about the front end.




'99 WR400 F, YZ exhaust, throttle stop trimmed, WR timing, airbox cover removed

Bonez, IMO the Pirelli MT44 on the front is the best tire I have ever tried, I was really amazed on how this tire performed. I can't say enough about it, this thing sticks!!! I havnt tried the Michelin's but I have heard they're good too. Dan

S12's are the way to go in the soft stuff. You cant lose with them.




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Thanks for the replys. I have the suspension as soft as I can get it without bottoming on the jumps. I have been getting increasingly faster on the track and now I am at the limit of the tires. Those all sound like good tires and I feel anyone of them work excellent!! I guess you guys noticed that the stocker is a POS too? thanks again

The Gugeinheim T4 Dogbites grab like no other. It's like riding on rails. T4F front and T4R rear.

The Gugeinheim T4 Dogbites grab like no other.

Oh my god!! I tried those bad boys once on my Can-Am MX6 400, Gugeinheim???? Those tires are the worst!! especially the T4's, The T3 on the other hand are great. :)


You must not ride hard enough to handle the T4's. :)

Sorry, gugenheim? sounds like a german food, dance, or body part. kinda rhymes with cheng-shin doesn't it? :)

These are special, hand made in germany. Each knobby is crafted within .0005

You will never crash again! :)

Mike , where do you get them?


I get them at bike dreams. They have strange hours. They open around 9pm and close around 5 am. It's a really cool store. It is like ANYTHING is possible when you are there. It sucks when you leave becuase it's like Buzz Buzz Buzz, back to reality. Coffee anyone? :):D:D

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