Broken starter clutch!!!!!!!!!

Well as if broken cases,and cracked side case cover wasn't enough now my starter clutch is shot.

The whole thing started when i was trying to fix my starter problems,that's when i noticed the crack in the side case cover where the idler gear shaft mounts in the cover.I thought that that was the reason why it would not start. So i talked to my dealer and they helped me get all the parts to switch to 04 parts,they also got yamaha to pay for over half the cost.Well i finally got all the parts and put them in thinking that i just fixxed my starting problem....WRONG!!

Now it just spins it won't even engage the motor.When i called the dealer and explained the problem they said that the starter clutch was the problem.That only cost $75.00But you have to pull the flywheel to replace the starter clutch.That takes a speacial puller that is spacific the the 450.Plus then you are messing with the dreaded wooddruf key issue.Can i just bolt it back on and lock tight it ?with the proper torq.

man, you have to be about out of bad luck by now! you can check the starter clutch pretty easy. take out the new torque limiter and try to spin the small idler gear. it should spin free one way and lock the other. sorry if you've already done that. there's no way we could put as much pressure on it as the starter, so i guess it could still slip. i know that didn't exactly cheer you up. we've all been keeping an eye on your progress with the new parts. good luck has got to be coming your way.

I got the new parts on mine today. I did not have an issue before and I dont expect to have an issue in the future. I think he has more parts that are bad due to the big failure he had. Just keep replacing parts until it is right. :)

Thanks for checking on my progress!I noticed that it spins free both directions :cry:It did that before i replaced the tork limiter but i was blinded by the crack in the side cover :).The parts are on order,but i'll just use the kick starter for now.The dirt is too good out here in califonia this time of year to get angry. :D

One more thing to check. It is not unheard of to shear the six bolts that hold the starter clutch to the flywheel. Just a thought.

You got that right. I broke all six bolts, which then destroyed the coil, stator, the case, starter gear, needle bearing's, flywheel gear etc. etc. etc.$ 800.00 <>. Bike still in shop, waiting to figure out about parts availablity and a 04 parts

Thanks for reading, Raybro (707-495-1866) :):D

I guess I am glad I did the 04 starter upgrade. Wow that sounds painful and expensive! :D I feel your pain. :)

You know after reading about all the broken cases, starter damage, etc I don't think I would want the flywheel "Loctited" on. A $2 woodruff key is a lot cheaper. Glad to see the '04 upgrade is working out for you guys. At least now there is a better alternative than the Loctite TSB.

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