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2008 250xc suspension help

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I need some help setting up my suspension. A couple years ago it seemed dialed but maybe I got faster or fatter, who knows. The bike is not working well right now. 


I rebuilt the forks and they have been revalved by the previous owner. I posted the shim stacks and nobody recognized them on KTM talk, said they were probably suited to rocks. No markings left on the springs but I can get close to the sag numbers so I'm thinking they are stock. 


I'm 170lb geared up to ride, mostly offroad singletrack with some MX track seldomly. The front end is plush in the woods and does not deflect too badly on square edge hits. It's almost dialed. But it feels really hard to turn in, and it wants to push and climb out of ruts. I have the forks with the first "line" flush on the triple clamps. It makes the bike feel quite top heavy and hard to get over. Even with a brand new starcross on the front the grip is not inspiring. I believe the sag is around 95mm right now should I go lower or slide the tubes up more? Also the handle bars I have right now have a really tall bend from the PO, would a lower bar make the bike easier to turn?


Other problem is the rear kicks hard. my sag is 115mm and when I'm riding off step downs or jumps where the lip is a bit aggressive, the rear end comes up pretty hard and often sideways. I had a hell of a tank slapper last weekend because of this. Should I increase my sag, slow the rebound, speed up the compression? Or all of the above? The bike kicks and is unstable in whoops. This is weird but one day the spring collar backed off in the whoops and slid all the way up. The bike felt fantastic I could hit all the whoops as hard as I wanted to and only noticed when I got back to the truck that the back tire was almost touching the fender. Not sure if this is because of that part of the stroke, or the lower sag, or what. 



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